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Hi, I’m Steph!


In December 2020 I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time and I made a commitment to change my lifestyle. A significant part of this change included assessing and changing the food I ate. I quickly noticed that eating a real food diet with no added sugar this was not a convenient way of eating as these foods were not easily accessible. It was time to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. I purchased a couple new appliances, explored some different ingredients, and started making healthy, fun and yummy food!

Shortly after my diagnosis I found a basic recipe for almond flour cookies and started making variations. It surprised me that I was able to make something so flavourful with simple, healthy ingredients. Soon I was making a variety of energy balls and crackers as well. The possibilities seemed to be endless!

Dried apples quickly became a favourite treat. I took them hiking and used them in baking. In early 2022, it became a tradition to bring a jar of dried apples to a special friend when I visited. One day we noticed that one of the hollow cores happened to be shaped as a heart. We commented on the “heart core” and as one joke lead to another, ideas were pulled together and Heartcore was born.

I want to share my passion to create healthy food and do what I can to fill gaps I have noticed along my healing journey. Thanks for taking the time to check out what I'm doing! 

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